Sunday, November 29, 2009

Waiting for us

"A great love is waiting for us."

I spent most of Thanksgiving weekend working on this piece. The fabric is a lace handkerchief, a gift from my friend, Lynn, an artist who makes paper pulp sculptures, and ink drawings. 

I plan to stretch this fabric onto a backing, or possibly attach it to something stiffer to help shape it. 

Maybe there is something to the irregularity, though?


  1. I like the loose stitching around the body and can see that that is part of the message. We want connections but we can't "control" what we want. We have to be flexible.

  2. Thanks for your observation about the connection between the loose stitching and our lack of control in guiding who we love, and how our relationships turn out.

    Yes, I very much have been "captured" or captivated by someone. The love I feel we could have has so far been elusive...Most days, I appreciate the friendship we've developed, and hope he'll always be in my life.