Sunday, November 29, 2009

BECA Benefit Art Auction

My friends, Melissa and Kurt, spearheaded an important new art space in New Orleans several years ago, BECA, or Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art.

Right now, Kurt and Melissa are expanding their programming to offer even more opportunities for exposure to young artists. They are also facing a challenge: they need to raise funds to save their original gallery space in New Orleans.

I am participating, along with a number of other artists, in BECA's Benefit Art Auction. The piece at top is what I have donated. 

If you have the time and would like to check out some interesting work, and even make a bid, please visit BECA and the art auction online.


  1. so funny- i was in a show of theirs a little more than a year ago, Four. They are so nice and their space is great:)

  2. I went to FIT with Melissa a few years ago, and we kept in touch when she moved back to New Orleans. I really wish them the best!