Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dear my deer

"Dear, my deer, I found you in the forest, a ghost carrying other ghosts, a shadow of who I wanted you to be. My vision for you was clear, yet you were soft, unclear.

My ghosts held hands with your ghosts. Your touch was warm, sweet, questioning.

I tried to lead us out. I was ready to run. You stalled, clung to an old injury. I've left you behind.

Dear, my deer.

I've left you behind to water your ghosts.

Dear, my deer."

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Beschert Taxi," the latest from the Brooklyn Love Exchange

As told by a friend in Carroll Gardens:
"We dropped him off on Court Street, and as the taxi continued south to Carroll Gardens, the driver asked me why the two separate stops when he was so clearly my fellow.
'That's something he's decided he doesn't want to be,' I said. She responded with disbelief.
'You two have a deeply spiritual connection, one of the deepest I've ever sensed. You're tangled in a complex karma and will push and pull against each other until you figure it out. You two are destined to be together.'"