Monday, November 9, 2009

Left Behind on My Run - Smith Street and Third Street

This is where I left my final sign this evening. I had intended to leave more, but somehow lost my packing tape!! 

"I still hope he'll change."

If people do read these, and I very much hope they do, maybe these pieces will inspire more affection among couples, and a great leap forward towards secret crushes...


  1. These works of art have taken my breath away...knowing they cost you so much time and you have embroidered you blog address how many times now???

    I am always hoping someone will change...but they don't. It is a disappointment...and i wonder how they too wish I would change and what they would like me to change into...would it even fit my skin?

  2. I love these pieces! How fortunate those passing by must be to see them!

  3. Thank you both! I have run past most of the pieces I posted, and they are still up, flapping away in the wind! I am going to "follow" them with my camera, go back and take photos, and see how they are holding up. I also think I'll tape the bottom edges down so that they are easier to read.