Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Left behind on my run

As many of you know, I am an avid runner. While running, I think about all kinds of things. Sometimes I count the number of blocks left on my route, sometimes I make a mental list of everything I need to do at work that day, and, quite often, I have a realization about how I feel about someone in my life at that moment. 

The map at left is one of my running routes through Boerum Hill-Carroll Gardens-Gowanus-Park Slope. I tend to pick hillier paths so I can increase resistance. I seem to like slogging through the difficult parts to get to my running high.

Is the same true of my relationships?

My plan is to install some of my "post-its" along my running route. These will be stitched on pieces of plastic bags. I feel as though I have accumulated a lot of dating experiences, and it's time to let go of a lot of ideas and memories. Similarly, I seem to accumulate plastic shopping bags. I can reuse them if I want, but ultimately, they are disposable. In today's dating culture, I feel as if relationships are disposable. We are "shopping for perfection," and can always replace a current love interest with someone "better."

The piece at left says, "What I left behind on my run: thoughts of you and my relationships, current and swollen with memory."


  1. Wow, I really like how you think. There are not a lot of deep thinkers. I really hope that you can find a relationship that fits your expectation and that of the other person. I think you will have a lot to share on the up side of that as well.

    It seems that relationships, people, jobs, houses, boundaries, they all seem to have a disposable dissolving quality to them. Maybe it is just the shock of living in a chaotic world.

    I have done "found" art before. I made some cicada Japanese bags with ATC inside. It feels good to give to the world.

    I like to walk on the beach everyday.
    I will think about you running in NYC while I walk and get sand in my socks, and step around claws of crabs and shell "bones" as my daughter calls the shells left behind by the waves.


  2. Iviva,
    You are following my blog. I am grateful for this. I like to click on your icon and go to your web page. But you do not have yours "follower" id with that option. If you click on mine you can go to my page by following the Link. I thought you might not be aware of this option and may want to investigate it and update your "button".
    Your fan,

  3. Thank you so much for your support, kind and thoughtful comments, and blog-related advice.

    I love the image of your walks on the beach with your daughter. I wish I lived closer to a natural environment (meaning, something other than concrete)!