Monday, November 9, 2009

The first installment of Left Behind on My Run, Monday, 11/9/2009

At left: Boerum Place and Pacific Street, the start of my run. A bleak corner across from New York Sports Club Cobble Hill. Lots of construction on the block.

At right: Atlantic Ave and Boerum Place, turning the corner and ramping uphill.


  1. These are great Iviva (the posts and the pieces). I like the way you wrote about them, I felt like I was travelling along with you.
    I can't beleive you stitched the maps all over again on those bags.
    A great street art installation!

  2. Thanks, Flying Haystacks.

    I ran again this morning, and saw that some of my postings are still up. One was flying in the breeze, set free the way I feel when I run.

    Having done the initial installation, I'm not sure that the project makes sense...I feel as though there are several different ideas here, and I'm not sure that they cohere.

    I plan to start a journal of my running routes, by stitching a map of each run. I will put these together in a book.

    This will coincide nicely with The Embroidered Art Journal class I'm teaching. I think I will make this my project for the class.