Friday, November 20, 2009

Love Stains

Last night was my gallery talk at Shop Art Gallery. We had a great turnout, and an engaging audience. Many thanks to friends, neighbors, fellow artists, and new faces who came out in the rain, and stood and listened to me share about why and how I make my work.

I had the opportunity to share some new pieces, including the one at left, "Love Carpet." It reads:

"It can be hard to remove the stain of an old love. No matter how many miles I run, or men I meet, your memory stays, carpeting my apartment."


  1. thanks for visiting my blog. your work is spot on!

    would love if you could do an artist talk at maine college of art...are you ever in portland? i don't have any say in who comes, but am trying to influence them to bring in more stitching/textile artists.

  2. Beautiful texture. How in the world did you do the circular stitches?..and so many... Impressive.

  3. Hi Maggie, Thanks so much for your comment. I would love to visit Maine College of Art. Let me know if there's someone I can talk with about that. I'm open to starting a conversation with the appropriate person at your school.

    Tod, not sure which stitches you're referring to. Care to give me some more info?

  4. The carpet - it looks like hundreds of little circles - how did you do that?

  5. Those are French knots. I think French knots are my favorite stitch.