Saturday, April 25, 2009


Should I call again? What if he didn't get the first message? Does technology fail to connect us, or do we, as humans, sometimes fail to make an impression? What do you do when someone says no, or fails to respond to your advances?

I have heard some argue that to "succeed" in dating, you have to be able to withstand multiple rejections. This is not so different from selling a product, making it into grad school, or making it in the art world. I know I have submitted artwork multiple times to the same institution, hoping that this time around we will be a better match. Is it okay to approach the same love-interest more than once, even if he or she says no or is non-committal the first time? How many times is too many to express interest in the same person before he/she says yes?

Piece above: "And wanted you to know..." Embroidery on fabric. 4.5" X 3.5". 2007. Excerpt from unanswered love letter. See for more info.

The text says: "and wanted you to know that I found you sweet and warm and playful and unpretentious. I enjoyed talking to you about art, and felt comfortable with you, moreso than I have with anyone in a while. I was actually surprised by my sense of ease with you and am still" 


  1. Iviva,
    Thank you for your kind comments about my work! Your work is very beautiful, I love the combination of words and images and the idea of a graphic novel is great. I'm also a comic book fan, so I love the idea of an embroidered book. Reading about the background of your pieces provides a lot of insight for me, which I really like.
    I will be part of Bushwick Open Studios in June, if you're interested in seeing more of my work.
    (This is Andrea from the embroidery class.)

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Yes, please send me info on the Bushwick Open Studios closer to the date. I would love to come check it out. And thanks for looking at my work and sharing your thoughts.