Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Generation "Maybe, I don't know." Hold Onto Me Tightly, Or Let Me Go (piece in progress)

I have noticed that some dating-advice columnists are describing themselves as "single-ish" or "kind of single." Do a lack of commitment and a lack of clearly established boundaries define today's romantic relationships?

I feel as if I am part of generation "maybe, kinda, I don't know."

The above piece, still in progress, expresses how I feel trying to get close to someone who can be alternately available, warm, and receptive, and uncommunicative, unavailable distant. My quest sometimes feels like running up a never-ending hill.

As this piece says, "Darling, hold onto me. Hold onto me tightly, or let me go."

Hold onto me or let me go. 2009. Embroidery on Fabric. Still in progress. Final image to come.


  1. Thanks, Esther. I hope to post the finished version soon. And thanks for your interest in my blog.