Thursday, December 10, 2009

Standing right in front of me, yet out of reach

This piece in progress is of a "disappearing" man. 

It will say something like the following:
"I have scoured the city for someone who feels like home. Now, you're standing right in front of me, yet still out of reach."

The love and partnership I want still eludes me...My primary relationship is with my art, and all it encompasses -- teaching, constant stitching, updating my blog, scribbling ideas on the back of receipts, text messaging myself when inspiration strikes...

Let love come to me.


  1. That banana made me laugh. I love your work, not just visually but the content, and how cool you teach at Pratt.
    I made a weird cycle back to embroidery. did it as a teen in the UK, married, came to America, had kids, quite sewing, started painting at 40, yarnbombing at 52, and rediscovered the joy of embroidery at 54. Only this time I now have the drawing skills to put my own spin on it :)
    all the best
    enjoyed looking at your blog

  2. Thank you both for your kind comments.

    JafaBrit, it's nice to meet you. I checked out your blog and LOVE the Marmite jar. Thanks for checking out my blog.