Sunday, December 27, 2009

My disappearing maps

The image at left is of my latest map, a tribute to my first treadmill run of 2009. Running on the treadmill can be immensely boring. I try to placate myself by listening to my ipod. I never listen to music on my outdoor runs. I like street noises, and I feel as though I need to use my ears to pay attention to traffic - cars and pedestrians I may not be able to see.

Anyway, this map says:

"1st treadmill run, winter 09

Music as landscape:

Can you see anything?
We are not your friends
You are a knife
I brought the bbq

Of course, these were not the only songs I listened to that day, but they are the ones I remember.

I am sad to say that the map I posted less than one week ago is gone! Who is removing my maps? I am very troubled by their disappearance. I think it is not neighborly to take them down. At the moment, the two bulletin boards are largely empty. There are two laminated signs offering a hefty reward for a dog that's been missing since October. I hope the owner finds the dog, and also that he or she is not taken advantage of in the process.

I am still working on alternative venues for my maps...I will let you know what I come up with.


  1. Maybe be honored that your maps have disappeared. I bet if they were taken by someone they must be loving them, I know I would be. It would be hard for me to not take a map such as yours out on a public wall. It t'wasn't me though I swear. I'm in Columbus, Ohio far from any of your maps. I love your work. Undine

  2. Thank you so much for the kind comments about my work. If someone took them because they loved them, then that is wonderful. I will try to think of it in that way.