Sunday, May 31, 2009

Same Spool of Thread

We Are from the Same Spool of Thread. 2009. embroidery on fabric. 4.75" X 8.25".

I think this man has an incredibly sweet face, and while he  looks 10 years younger than me, his spirit of openness and availability is what I am looking for in a partner. He also seems like he's in pretty good shape (that is always a bonus in a partner).

The text on his body says:
my smile never fades or tires
we are done with dating doldrums
When you're around, all of my hopes are possible. Birds sing and the sun shines.
Our love is an endless warp-you are the warp and I am the weft.
We are an endless spool of thread.
We are interlaced and interwoven.
We are from the same spool of thread.


  1. Wanted to give you an update- the post I wrote will appear on the Baltimore etsy team blog at some point in June, I'll let you know when it's running:) Hope you are finding much success!

  2. Thanks Nancy! I look forward to reading it.