Sunday, January 17, 2010

Turned Towards Me

Your feet turned towards me 
as if to ask a question I hoped you'd ask.


  1. Very interesting use of colored threads. I also like the shadows created by the fabric that is not sewn down except with the images on top of it.
    Very nice.

  2. This is perfect, I love the use of green.

  3. Thanks. I appreciate the enthusiastic feedback.

    It was a bit hard for me to not add text to this piece, but I think the message is expressed in the image and collage of fabrics.

  4. i love every piece that you do!

    you have inspired me to teach an adult 'art' class in embroidery, here in maine. - would love to see this image in stitch:) do u know these guys?

  5. Maggie, thanks for your enthusiasm and kind remarks. I do not know that group. there are TONS of arts group in NYC, and it is impossible to know them all! I spend relatively little time in Bushwick, but encourage you to find out more about them.