Saturday, January 9, 2010


This blog has been devoted to one of my embroidered projects and its many tree branches, Were I So Besotted. On the blog, you have seen my running maps on pieces of plastic Trader Joe's shopping bags. You have read my "post-it notes," or small text-based pieces. And, of course, you have read and viewed the more developed anecdotes I stitch on fabric pages roughly 5" wide X 8" high.

The components described above are just part of what I do. Another creative project is FiberGraf, my collaboration with graffiti artist, Jon Baker. And it's exactly what it sounds like — embroidered graffiti! You can check it out here. Also, the piece at left is Blending Mode, one of our FiberGraf collaborations.

I also teach, which I have touched upon in my blog. There is an art to listening to people's verbal and nonverbal cues and questions so that I can best meet their needs for the limited hours we share together. I am currently expanding my course load and developing new class proposals and ideas. If you'd like to weigh in or find out how to take one of my classes, let me know. In fact, I just set up an Embroidered Portraits class for March at the Textile Art Center of New York in Brooklyn. I can't wait to participate in this burgeoning fiber arts laboratory. For more info on the Textile Art Center, click here.

I love all of the work I do. It gives my life meaning and purpose. All of my projects are my Embroiderography, or stitched autobiography. That is the new umbrella term for my work, and, it is the driving force behind the business I am growing. Embroiderography is how I interact with the world. It will connect me to others who feel a kinship with me through my work and the act of creating itself. In fact, it already has. 


  1. This is wonderful Iviva! I love the new term you've coined for the stitching life, and I look forward to reading/viewing more of your embroiderography.

  2. Oh, thank you. I am glad we've connected via the web, and appreciate your enthusiasm!