Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Seeing old friends can feel a bit like dating

Yesterday, I sat at my desk all day too excited to focus on designing. I was looking forward to a mini-reunion with my very best girl friends from summer sleep-away camp. The last time I had seen one of my friends was literally 20 years ago, so this meeting seemed freighted with meaning. 

Aside from the fact that one friend is 40 weeks pregnant, both friends were instantly recognizable. We all agreed that our basic personalities had not changed much, either, leading us to wonder if we really are essentially formed by the time we reach our pre-teens.

So why was I so nervous about this dinner? The same sorts of thoughts that run through my mind when I am about to go on a date accosted me yesterday afternoon: What if there's nothing to talk about? What if we no longer have anything in common? What if we just don't get along?

Having done a lot of internet dating, I became used to the experience of excitement tinged with relief and disappointment. I essentially went on numerous blind dates that I myself set up. 

Yesterday evening was absolutely wonderful. I was reunited with friends I love and share wonderful memories with. This was absolutely nothing like a blind/internet date. This was a reunion of the best sort.

I tend to think that eventually I will have this feeling with a man. It may not happen the day we meet or for several months, but eventually I think he will feel like someone I've always known and will always want in my life.


P.S. The piece above is in the collection of Karey Mackin.


  1. BIB's you are amazing!!!! I couldn't agree more!!!

  2. Thanks, Heather! So glad we're back in touch.