Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hell Yeah, We do!

Since attending the 5-day artist's dream workshop on Governor's Island, I have been working on long-term planning, which feels like writing down every wish I've had since I was five. In addition to fleshing out my career goals as an artist, I have spent significant time writing about the type of life-partnership I'm looking for. I am trying to visualize what I want as a way of encouraging it to happen. 

The piece pictured here uses some of the fabric my dear friend, Andrew Thornton sent me. It also is a somewhat wry take on the act of getting married. FYI - I am far more interested in the long-term health of a life partnership than I am in the wedding itself. Nevertheless, using the iconic imagery of a wedding ceremony seemed like an easy way to enter into a discussion about marriage.


  1. Lovely work! It's great to see what you're doing with the fabric! You rock!

  2. Thanks again, Andrew. My gallerist sold the piece yesterday!