Monday, July 5, 2010

Brooklyn Bikes

This is the final image of a woman on her bike, casually riding down an idyllic, Brooklyn street. I very deliberately did not give her a helmet. I am always troubled to see people on bikes without them - it seems like an unnecessary health risk. Nonetheless, an attractive woman on a bike in an attention-getting outfit without a helmet is a relatively common scene in hip Brooklyn neighborhoods.


  1. I'm loving this! I've been too busy/uninspired to stitch recently so it's good to see your work again - it might even inspire me to do some more myself!

    hope you are keeping well

  2. I think not wearing a helmet is ridiculous as well. I especially find it aweful when a parent doesn't require one on a child. I'm slightly less annoyed when there's a helmet on the child but not one on the parent. People are so dumb sometimes it amazes me.

    Of course you make it look beautiful though in this piece.