Saturday, June 12, 2010

"I want us to be permanent"

I realize this is a bit hard to read. It says, "I want us to be permanent."

I started by crocheting some chains, and then using them as a loose canvas to stitch my message.

I am interested in creating something filmy and ethereal. I think I will keep experimenting until the "right method" comes to me.


  1. How interesting! You may be coming up with a new method that you can start and share with others. I have done the filet crochet to make lettering. I am interested in your method. Did you create the statement? Is it for a friend?

  2. Wow that looks like a challenge. I think I would have given up before I got to the word permanent.

    It seems we all want our relationships to be permanent. But we are all in a state of such flux it is hard to imagine it. Is it because the world is changing that we have a hard time believing in "ever ever after"?

  3. have you tried stitching on water-soluble stabilizer?

  4. Marie, I am about to try that! I found some yesterday, and I think it's the key!

  5. Hi Iviva,
    I found a video that reminded me a lot of your that it is the kind of prose that you would like...not that it is stitched however. But it is artlessly done and I thought you would enjoy it.