Saturday, March 28, 2009


At left: I Don't Miss My Ex-boyfriend, But I Do Miss Greenpoint.

The piece reads:
"I don't miss my ex-boyfriend,
but I do miss Greenpoint -
Early morning walks around
the ballfield, and the smell
of fresh bread wafting
from the bakery nearby."

This piece is for sale at Shop Art Gallery, 51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY.
Contact Muriel Guepin, for inquiries.

For a couple of years in my mid-twenties, I dated a man who lived in Greenpoint. I am a morning person. He was not. While he slept in on weekends, I wandered around Greenpoint, becoming friendly with the workers at the local bakery and fruit stand. One of my favorite rituals was buying rye bread from the factory across the street, which scented the entire neighborhood, and opened its doors early in the morning on weekends to sell even a single loaf to a passerby.

It was a relief recently to realize that my grief over the end of that relationship has evaporated. What I miss and have nostalgia for is Greenpoint.

Below: original journal entry informing this piece
(see 2/20/08 blog entry, too).

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