Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I used to

use this forum to pour out concerns I wasn't sharing IRL ("in real life") contexts. Now Twitter is more of my home.

Is blogging obsolete? Have Twitter and Instagram replaced longer-form writing? (what) Do we read? How long is the average #AttentionSpan? Is #reading #obsolete? What does that mean for poetry and journalism? Are talk show hosts better received than news anchors?


  1. I am 63. I take note of the way of today's world sadly. People have their phones on all the time waiting for the next tweet or Instagram. Can anything of importance be tweeted? FB, Twitter and Instagram allow a person to be impersonal. The are hit and run and readers as well as posters are addicted to this media. I'll take a blog post with substance any day.

    1. Hi Carol. I used to feel similarly about Twitter, until I learned that many poets use it, constructing 140 or fewer character poems. @HowlTweeter posts Allen Ginsburg's works in tweet form. It's lovely to come across. Not all tweeting is frothy. I also learn about opportunities for artists posted on Instagram and Twitter and nowhere else. It's an unfortunate truth that if we opt out, we might be left out. #ModernProblems