Wednesday, February 5, 2014

He stepped in a pool of red paint...

I may have mentioned that I started writing poetry again, inspired in part by the wonderful poets with whom I interacted through my @EmbroideryPoems project. In a direction related to that work but with a twist, I am stitching parts of poems on dolls and their accoutrements and environments. This is my first attempt at this new process, in which I put together bits and pieces of ideas from various other projects. It is a very time-consuming process!

A lot of work and ideas lie ahead! This is just an excerpt of a poem in which I and a number of others appear. I should mention that my poems are like stories written in poem form with some internal rhyming.


  1. What an unbelievable direction. I am so intrigued. He is his own poetic universe, this doll. I want to read the words on his body.

  2. Thanks, Olisa! The text...I can send it to you via email! My advanced apologies, since the poem is a bit long...