Saturday, February 6, 2010

Come to Brooklyn

In preparation for this year's Affordable Art Fair, from May 6th-9th at 7 West New York (on 34th Street near 5th Ave), Muriel of Muriel Guepin Gallery has asked me to created some Brooklyn-related pieces. It's fun having an "assignment," and being able to create work on a different theme using some of my tell-tale techniques.

This piece, "Come to Brooklyn," is an homage, one of several to come, for the place where I was born and have lived about 30 of my 34+ years. Yay Brooklyn!

The text says:
Iconic NYC structure seeks runners, walkers, skaters, dreamers, bikers to play on my celebrated footpaths - 1.1 miles of fun, the clack clack of wooden slats.

To prepare for this piece, I have run over the Brooklyn Bridge numerous times in the past month, trying to feel the spirit of the bridge. The female figure represents this spirit. 


  1. Love her and her golden hair.

  2. Thanks, KC!

    I just visited your web site and saw your embroidery. I love it!

    And I sent your link to a poet friend in Oakland, Ingrid Keir. I thought she would enjoy your work.

    I am working on our first piece, which is a stitched rendition of "Baker's Dozen." I hope to be able to email you a finished image this week. I am enjoying working with and reading your poems. Yay!