Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Viva Iviva

My talk at the Center for Book Arts last week was wonderful. I felt part of a community of engaging, thoughtful, intelligent, accomplished artists, and am grateful to have been a part of it.

A conversation I had with one of the artists, Tamar Stone, has inspired the piece above left. Tamar makes miniature beds as books—the linens have embroidered text, often taken from historical documents about the domestic lives of women. After the formal presentation, she told me that when she and her husband got together, everything became easier. This idea has really stuck with me. In most of my romantic exchanges, I have felt as if I were doing most of the work, waiting for my efforts to be returned. As it says in the piece above, "I am tired of running uphill to meet you." Let's walk up together instead.

Piece above: Meet Me at the Hill, and We'll Walk Up Together. 2009. Embroidery on fabric. 


  1. I don't think that being partnered up is easier. The challenges are just different. So are the rewards.

  2. I agree that being partnered does not all of a sudden eliminate one's fears, difficulties, etc. But at a gut level, I understand what Tamar meant. I think for her, things fit together in a way they hadn't before.

    From my perspective, I sometimes just want help with the little things. Could someone else pick up groceries one night when I'm so tired I can barely walk? That type of thing. But maybe this isn't it at all.

  3. It's true. Beautiful piece. It is nice to be in a place where you have someone to go to the grocery store for you, sort of trading duties. It's also nice to know someone so well you don't even have to talk. And you know you wouldn't run out of inspiration for your art simply because you found someone. Happiness is always tinged with sadness...and it's somehow deeper the happier you are.

  4. I like the leaves. Did you sew them or was that part of the fabric? Either way it looks nice.

  5. Hey Flying Haystacks: The leaves came from the same piece of fabric on which I made the main embroidery. I cut out the flower (I think it's a rose with leaves), and sewed my embroidery onto it. There's a bit of fabric collage/applique happening.

    Nancy, thank you as always for your kind words.

    I love my blog readers!