Saturday, July 4, 2009

And the scraps keep coming

"I poured everything I had into you, and you were still empty." 2009. Embroidery on interconnected scraps of antique lace.

Sitting in Battery Park today with my brother, we listened to the River-to-River concert featuring Jenny Lewis, one of my favorite musicians. It was a beautiful day after weeks and months of rain. 

I brought along my art kit—needles, threads, and the piece of antique lace that I am now cutting into small scraps. It was the perfect setting to get some work done.

This piece is about the frustration I feel when my faith in someone I love dissolves. There is the loss of a relationship, and also the loss of belief in the other person, which can be equally painful and disappointing. In this case, it's not particularly that the person was empty, but that the love I wanted was unattainable. The relationship did not meet my needs, and I began to feel empty. 

But there is a night ahead of me in which anything can happen.

Happy July 4th to everyone!


  1. This piece is so beautiful!

    We stopped by the National Museum of the American Indian in D.C. yesterday while milling around and went into the contemporary art exhibit. There was an artist, and unfortunately I can't remember his name, but on the wall next to one of his paintings his words were printed, "Ugliness is beautiful when it is the truth." This passage kind of reminds me of your work.

  2. Thanks, Nancy, for adding your insight to my work.